Village Hall Committee

Pauntley Parish Council is Sole Trustee of Pauntley Village Hall and responsible for its management and upkeep.  The Village Hall Committee looks after its day-to-day running and the organisation of events.  This consists of a number of parish councillors, together with other volunteers from the community, and is re-elected each year at the Annual General Meeting in May.

Because the Parish Council is Sole Trustee of the Village Hall, parish councillors receive a special dispensation from the Proper Officer of the Parish Council (i.e. the Clerk) to allow them to discuss village hall business without there being a conflict of interests.

Meeting are held approximately every three months, and take place on the same day as the Parish Council meeting in the Village Hall.  Members of the public are welcome at our meetings and any ideas and suggestions for events or fundraising, together with offers of help, are also appreciated.

If you would like to be involved with the village hall or to come along to help at any events, please contact Lesley on 01531 822315.  You would be very welcome!