Defibrillators & VETS

Pauntley has two defibrillators, one in the telephone kiosk in Pool Hill and one on the external wall of the village hall in Brand Green.  If someone collapses and you are in any doubt as to whether they are breathing normally, call 999 to ensure the emergency services are on their way.  Remember that it is not easy to locate properties in rural areas, even with a postcode, so if you can find your grid reference and make a note of it by your phone, they may be able to reach you more quickly.  You may also like to use ‘What Three Words’ to find the three words that identify your location to within 3sq metres.  For example, Pauntley Primary School in Pool Hill is reclaim/amphibian.vitamins, and Pauntley Village Hall in Brand Green  is intrigues.arranges.blending.  Make sure external lighing is switched on and use any other means to make sure they can easily see your house.

Our defibrillators are on the register which the emergency services hold, so If you call 999 you may be asked to fetch one of them in case it is needed.  If the Pool Hill defibrillator is nearer to you, they will give you a code to access this. but if you need to access it before you can reach them, the code is C123X.  The defibrillator at Brand Green does not need a code to access it.

Someone should always stay with the patient so if you are a ‘lone rescuer’, use our Village Emergency Telephone Scheme (VETS).  A number of local volunteers can be contacted by ringing a single number, which rings them all simultaneously until one picks up the call.  They will then be able to fetch the defibrillator and bring it to you.  These are all volunteers, and it cannot be guaranteed that someone will be available but with 10 volunteers in the scheme we hope that one will be able to assist you.

Our VETS number is:  01531 888020. Please make a note of this number and keep it by your phone, or put it into your mobile phone.

Defibrillator Locations

If you need to use the defibrillator, please call 999 for an ambulance, and the emergency services operator will be able to tell you the location of the nearest defibrillator.

Pool Hill

This is located at the telephone kiosk on Pool Hill Road, opposite Pauntley Primary School.

Brand Green

This is located on the exterior wall of the village hall.

Village Emergency Telephone Scheme – TELEPHONE 01531 888020

Our Village Emergency Telephone Scheme, set up with the Community Heartbeat Trust, has ten volunteers.  VETS is here to assist in the lone rescuer situation, where the rescuer must stay with the patient and yet needs help in fetching one of our two defibrillators.  By using a single telephone number this will ring up to ten lines at the same time until a helper is found to assist you.

The VETS number is 01531 888020.  This will be displayed throughout the parish on noticeboards and near the defibrillators.  If you have a mobile phone you may like to put this number into your contacts, so that you have it available in case of such an emergency.  We have also produced credit-card size cards detailing the scheme and the telephone number, so that you can keep these in your wallet or purse, or by the phone.  Please contact the Clerk or take a card from those on the notice board at the village hall.

Please note that this is a ‘best endeavour’ system which relies on volunteers and there is always the possibility that no helper will be available.   In an emergency ALWAYS CALL 999 FIRST.  it is important to make sure that the emergency services are coming to your assistance.  You can then call the VETS number to summon assistance.

REMEMBER: Our defibrillators are located in the telephone kiosk in Pool Hill and on the external wall of the village hall in Brand Green.

We are currently looking for two additional volunteers for our VETS scheme – please contact us if you would like to help.  Training will be given.