Boundary Markers

In rural areas such as Pauntley, natural features such as trees or rivers often formed the boundaries of the parish.  The River Leadon forms the boundary of Pauntley on its north and east with Dymock and with Redmarley. Pauntley also has several large trees which were planted to act as boundary markers.  Perhaps the most prominent of these is the large pollarded oak tree just outside Pauntley C of E Primary School.  It marked the boundary between Pauntley parish and Newent parish at this point, which was an important factor in the siting of the school. This boundary, which at one time bisected Pool Hill, was altered late in the 20th century so that Pool Hill now falls entirely within Pauntley.  Although this tree is itself several hundred years old, it has replaced the original (or possibly even several originals) that would have been planted at this point.