Road Closures in March 2020. 8am 2/3/2020 to 4.30pm 6/3/2020

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Election notice
December 12 2019


Road Rally
September 7th 2019
Road Closure – Newent to Redmarley
The road will be closed at various points throughout the day as the various stages come through. The safety car comes through first, to ensure the route is clear, and follows afterwards to ensure it is safe for normal traffic. The first stage is around 9.20-10.20, so the safety car will come through about 45 mins/half an hour before and then the road will be open afterwards. Second stage about 12.20 to 1.20. Third stage about 2.20 to 3.30 – both times allowing at least half an hour beforehand for the safety cars to clear the route. All over by 4.30 p.m. Emergency services have been consulted and know to use alternative routes. If they are needed in the parish then there are paramedics on hand for the rally anyway, who would attend in an emergency, but if a fire engine etc was needed then the rally would be stopped by the safety cars with red flags.
If people live along the route and need access/exit then there will be opportunities throughout the day for this but as you can see, not for long periods at a time. The organiser said there had been no issues raised when he visited house to house. Road closure signs will of course go up, and marshalls will be in place on the day.